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Our training team

Dedication. Innovation. Expertise. Passion.



Holly Cuffin

Holly has over 11 years of training experience including delivering British Sign Language, disability awareness, Mental Health First Aid, Adult Literacy, Confidence Building, Employment skills and mindfulness based training. Her favourite course to present is British Sign Language as she loves being able to teach others about the different techniques to communicate and also share her own first language with others. She enjoys the courses as they are fun and interesting with a variety of activities and games. In her spare time Holly enjoys spending time traveling the world and walking the mountains with her dog, Ringo.


Lead Trainer

Ken Gray

Ken has over 30 years of experience as a trainer and is the Senior Trainer at Môn CF. He delivers courses related to landscaping as well as helping individuals with the CSCS test as well as delivering most of the courses available through Môn CF. His favourite course is Fire Safety and First Aid in the Workplace - Ken used to be a Firefighter and therefore enjoys sharing ways to stay safe with others. Ken likes rugby, going for walks and spending time with his family. What people say about Ken: "Fantastic information presented in a great way." "There were great examples given by Ken - I really enjoyed the course"

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Anna Smith

Anna has over 5 years of training experience including teaching Business Studies, as well as English to speakers of other languages in Ukraine, the UAE and the UK. At Mon CF, Anna has developed and delivered the ESOL Employability Skills course that consists of CV Writing, Interview Skills, Confidence Building and Teamworking as well as Customer Service Skills. Anna’s favourite course is Equality and Diversity, the newly developed training that focuses on providing equal opportunities in the workplace regardless of age, race, religion, disability, etc. In her spare time, Anna enjoys swimming, travelling the world and spending time with her family.

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Manager & Trainer

Georgia Chapman

Georgia has been a qualified trainer for six years and since then she has been developing training related to skills for Employment. Georgia now manages the staff and development of the training team. Soon, she will be qualified to deliver First Aid and Mindfulness training. The course she likes the most of all those Môn CF offers is Disability Awareness. It is an innovative course as it makes a real difference in the world of work as it educates employers about the importance of inclusivity. In her spare time Georgia enjoys traveling, the outdoors and CrossFit! What people say about Georgia: "Fun course, I learned loads about what I needed to do for an interview" "I was a bit worried before doing the course but Georgia made it enjoyable and I've made new friends too."



Wil Lovelock

Wil has over 30 years of training and started teaching people to swim and then moved into the world of other sports and fitness courses. When he became a manager Wil gained experience of delivering Health and Safety in the workplace, as well as other work-related courses. Wil enjoys delivering health and well being courses especially Communication, Stress, Customer Services, Interview Skills and Conflict Management. In his spare time Wil enjoys keeping fit and spending time outdoors. What people say about Wil: "Wil is a friendly trainer who has the ability to hold your attention and make the sessions easy to follow". “I enjoyed the course with Wil; he presented the course in a way that was easy to understand and relevant".

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