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Employment Support

on Anglesey

About Us

Mon CF is a charity and company owned by the people of Anglesey. 

Originally established to support the most deprived areas of the island, we have grown into an organisation that supports the people of Anglesey looking to upskill and find work.

We deliver dedicated services and projects across the island that improve local employability, help start small businesses, and provide vocational training to individuals and workforces on Anglesey. 

Today Môn CF stands as the go-to organisation for employment support, business support, and vocational training. 

We help thousands of people every year to reach their potential and create brighter futures. 


Our Story

In 2003 the Welsh Government launched a new initiative to improve the quality of life for millions of people across Wales, the initiative was called Communities First. 

A first of its kind, Communities First took a bottom-up approach to community cohesion. Using an approach which meant the decisions could be made at a local level. 

20 years ago, a group of individuals came together with the mission to empower their community and help bring people out of poverty. 

Môn CF was born from this initiative and continues the mission to support the communities of Anglesey. 

Employment support, small business support, vocational training, and community projects are now at the heart of everything Môn CF does. 

Môn CF has helped thousands of people find sustainable employment across Anglesey and North Wales. 

We’ve helped a variety of new businesses get their start, and been an access to funding for many new start-ups.


We also provide essential training in key skills to individuals, schools, and other businesses across the island. 

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