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Anelu Programme

Anelu is a flexible training programme that helps young people aged 14-16 reach their full potential.


We're on a mission to support schools, parents, and young people across the region.

Anelu positively supports young people whose abilities and aptitudes are more suited to vocational learning to take their first steps toward a successful career.


Anelu is delivered as a series of short courses that focus on the pupil’s interests, with fun, hands-on, and practical learning opportunities that keep learners engaged.


What does Anelu do?


Equip young people with essential skills

Anelu positively supports young people who's abilities and aptitudes are more suited to vocational learning & gives them the skills to progress.


Progress people into the world of work

Pupils who want to start looking for work will have full support from the Môn CF employment team. Anelu is designed to prepare pupils for work through vocational workshops.


Boost confidence & interpersonal skills

Anelu helps pupils build confidence and learn new interpersonal skills that help them work as part of a team when they enter the world of work.

Anelu delivering results

Cain Sillence completed the Anelu programme in 2021.


After feeling the impact of the pandemic during his final two years of School, Cain was enrolled in the Anelu programme with Môn CF.


Anelu helped Cain build a valuable skillset that helped him find work.

Who is eligible for Anelu?

The school or local authority may have selected your child, among others, for the Anelu programme, to increase the number of qualifications and work-relevant skills they will gain before they leave school.


We believe in opening doors and creating brighter futures full of opportunity.


The Anelu programme has been designed as a gateway to future education or employment support provided by Môn CF.


The success of the Anelu programme is reliant on collective support from the school, you the parent or guardian, and the Môn CF team and its trainers, to ensure the attendance of the pupil.

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