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Our Funders

Welsh European Funding Office/European Social Fund

Funding in excess of £800,000 to support:

  • ESF Priority Axis 1: Tackling Poverty through Sustainable Employment.

  • Specific Objective 1.3 - to reduce underemployment or absence rates a result of barriers such as ill health, work limiting health conditions or disabilities, caring or childcare responsibilities, preventing such barriers becoming drivers to poverty and exclusion from the labour market

  • Strand 2 - Employer Support

  • In simple terms, the operation aims to support employers by making them more professional and efficient in the way they operate. This will be achieved by providing them with access to relevant information and policies which will improve their compliance with legislation and the processes and procedures they should be adopting to become more efficient.  

  • By providing practical support to the employers, Môn CF will be creating the right environment to allow SMEs to grow and by nature create improved opportunities for their workforce.

The specific priorities to be tackled are: - 

  • Activities with employers to support workforce development and to promote flexible working arrangements 

  • Activities which help individuals overcome underemployment within the workplace which could include for example increased working hours or gaining a permanent contract

  • Providing practical support to the employers, Môn CF will be creating the right environment to allow SMEs to grow and by nature create improved opportunities for their workforce.

  • Additional Targeted Match Funding also secured from WG - £310.000 towards the “In Work” project.

Welsh Government

Communities for Work (CfW) is a Welsh Government and European Social Fund programme co-sponsored by Department of Work and Pensions. Communities for Work Plus (CfW+) is a Welsh Government funded programme that acts as wraparound support for the Communities for Work project.

Both projects work side by side to support those who are unemployed across Anglesey, and those who need to break down barriers to get back into work. Barriers could be anything from childcare to training needs, lack of transport, low confidence and clothing for interviews. All support is tailored for individual needs and support can be offered in a 1:1 setting with a designated mentor.

Support available can include:

  • Access to free work-related training opportunities

  • Motivation and confidence building

  • CV and job application support

  • Interview coaching

  • Volunteering and work placements

  • Essential Skills support

  • Support to find paid employment

  • Advice for self-employment


Wales Council for Voluntary Action (Active Inclusion Fund)

The Active Inclusion Fund is managed by WCVA, supported by funding from European Structural and Investment Funds. It aims to reduce economic inactivity in Wales and improve the employability of disadvantaged people.Individuals are supported on a journey to help them improve their basic, social and communication skills, to enable them to be more confident and better prepared for work.Includes an element which offers wage subsidies to employers to encourage them to offer job opportunities to local people.

Peoples health trust.jpg

People’s Health Trust

Funding in excess of £100,000 annually to support activities in Holyhead.

People’s Health Trust is committed to being a local people-led funder. This means that they engage with local communities over the longer term, so that they can determine how and when the money is best spent within their local area to make it an even better place to grow, live, work and age.   

Local Conversations is a flexible funding model which is led by what local people want.

Local people know their local communities best. They know:

  • what the community does well

  • what is needed to make things even better

  • where and when it is needed

  • how to make change happen in their communities.

We believe that communities coming together and having genuine control over how, where and when money is committed is one important way to distribute funds. It places local people at the heart of local plans, rather than local people having to fit into a funder’s plans.

This is done in Holyhead by supporting various activities and groups and the Community POD


Financial support for the provision of training aimed at equipping people on Anglesey with the necessary skills to enable them to secure jobs.

The Waterloo Foundation

Support for employed individuals on Anglesey who need to be able to drive a car to enhance their career prospects. Funding for driving lessons, plus both theory and practical tests.


Steve Morgan Foundation: Covid-19 Emergency Fund

Support to enable Mon CF to expand their services to those not eligible for other employability programs, this includes - 

  • online accredited distance learning qualifications

  • Barrier fund to support individuals to return to training or employment

It has also allowed us to have the staff return to the offices and support the public face to face by appointment only. 


The Moondance Foundation

Funding towards the refurbishment of The Community POD to allow for social distancing and expand the space and support services offered to the community in terms of alleviating poverty, improving circumstances, maximisation of benefits due and support to secure meaningful employment. In addition, we are able to offer training opportunities to support the community in their journey of self-improvement and increase their chances of securing employment.

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