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Sarah Mclaren, age 23, Trainee Baker at Becws Mefus

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Sarah Mclaren, originally from East Suffolk, moved to North Wales to study Sociology at Bangor University. Upon completing her degree, Sarah was looking for part-time work, so she went to the Bangor Job Centre for support. Sarah’s work coach, Siôn, directed her towards a Kickstart Scheme placement as Trainee Baker / Confectioner at Becws Mefus, and she has been working there happily since May this year.

Ben, owner of Becws Mefus is very pleased with Sarah’s overall work ethic and is happy to have her on the team. As part of the Kickstart Scheme placement, Sarah will be completing some relevant training courses through Môn CF over the coming months, to develop her skillset.

Sarah’s excellent customer service skills and bubbly personality really do shine through. It was heart-warming when we visited and a young boy walked out of the bakery having just been in with his mother and said “wow, that’s the nicest lady I’ve ever met”. Well done, Sarah!


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