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Business Support Success Story - Ashley Webb Handyman

Ashley Webb Handyman

Part of the Môn CF service is to give those who have an idea for a new business the support and guidance they need to ensure it’s a success.

Success can appear at various times throughout life. Having the resilience and determination to start something new can be both exciting and challenging.

Ashley Webb first approached Môn CF in 2023 to enquire about the Business Support services we provide.

His goal was to access business funding to help his handyman business grow.

We recently caught up with Ashley to find out how things are going since he received his grant, and to ask how the support he received from Môn CF has helped him and his business.

Here’s what Ashley had to say!

Q1. Hi Ashley, to start us off, could you tell us a little about yourself, and the business you’ve set up?

Hi, I’m Ashley Webb, I’m a self-employed handyman based in Llannerch-y-medd! I provide handyman services across the island of Anglesey and tackle jobs of all kinds.

A lifelong DIY-er and apprentice property developer, I officially became fully self-employed in 2020.

Ashley Webb Handyman Painting

Since starting I’ve been able to build a strong reputation on the island as someone willing to tackle various domestic repair and maintenance work.

The response since starting has been great. I consistently get good feedback from my customers which is always good! I’ve got over 70 5-star reviews so far!

It’s great that I’ve been able to establish myself as a reliable option for those who need assistance with their home improvement projects and my comprehensive range of skills means I can help with all aspects of work.

From plumbing to carpentry, to painting and garden maintenance, there’s little I can’t turn my hand to.

I’ve worked on major projects like complete property value enhancements, to smaller projects like furniture assembly and shelf hanging.

Every job gets my personalised attention which my customers really appreciate!

Q2. What kind of support have you received so far from Môn CF?

Môn CF has helped me access valuable grant funding which has really helped my business.

The grant money enabled me to buy commercial-grade equipment that I use to conduct my work.

I used the funds to buy a long-reach hedge trimmer, a chainsaw, and a blower, as well as a new impact torque wrench.

I use all these tools daily, and they’ve been invaluable to my business.

The grant was instrumental in helping me take my business to the next level.

The hedge trimmer, chainsaw, and blower have boosted my capabilities and efficiency significantly, meaning I can take on more jobs and get them done to a higher standard.

I can now tackle large landscaping projects with confidence and deliver exceptional service to my clients.

The new tools have also opened doors to new, high-value contracts, which have helped increase my income!

In the near future, I’m hoping to take on a member of staff who can assist me with the growing workload, creating additional jobs and propelling my business even further forward.

I’m incredibly grateful for the support I’ve received, it’s been invaluable and has made a real difference to me and my journey.

Q3. What was it like to work with Môn CF, how did you find the grant application process?

The entire process was exceptionally smooth and user-friendly.

The straightforward nature of the application coupled with the readily available guidance and support from the Môn CF team made it a pleasure to apply for the grant.

Ashley Webb Handyman Gardening

Q4. So, what’s next for your business, what are your ambitions for the next few years?

My sights are firmly set on expanding the business in the next few years.

I’m excited to take on more high-value contracts focused on property value enhancement.

To manage the growing workload that comes with these projects, I plan to hire an assistant within the next year. This will give me more time to dedicate to securing new work and bigger contracts, and to build strong, lasting relationships with my clients.

I’m also dedicated to continuous improvement and will be adding to my skills and knowledge to solidify and enhance my excellent reputation!

Ashley Webb Handyman Landscaping

Q5. If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking to go self-employed or start a new business, what would it be?

Embrace the balance between striving for excellence and learning from your inevitable losses.

Think of your losses as temporary stumbling blocks, each offering valuable lessons on what works and what doesn’t.

Use these experiences to hone your skills and optimise your processes. It’ll ultimately help you deliver exceptional quality that commands its own price.

This means focusing on building loyal customers who appreciate your attention to detail and your commitment to quality service.

Remember, cutting corners and making a cheap price a priority might lead to quick wins, but it’s a race to the bottom.

Invest your time, effort, and resources in your customers, especially when they value the work you do.

They’ll form the solid foundation for a sustainable business that stands out in the long run!

Q6. And lastly, how can people find out more about you?

The main place people can find me is online. If you search Ashley Webb Handyman on Google you’ll find my business page, and you’ll be able to read some of the reviews left by my happy clients.

You can also find out more at my website which has a portfolio of some of my work and more contact information.

You can also find me on Facebook, just search Ashley Webb Handyman Services, I regularly post my day-to-day and some behind-the-scenes to my page that lets you take a look at some of my current projects.

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