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Môn CF becomes a Living Wage Employer
The cost of living impacts many people across the UK, who, despite working full-time, can still struggle to make ends meet. The national minimum wage is still a relatively new concept in the UK, being introduced as recently as 1999. Despite having a minimum wage, however, the current rate does not always match the current cost of living. Individuals living on a minimum wage salary can find it extremely difficult to afford the costs of everyday life without extra support. This extra support can come in the form of Government assistance, or from an employer, who opts to pay a real living wage.  In this post, we will look at what it means to be a living wage employer and see how more employers can sign up to make a difference to their employees.  What is the Real Living Wage? The real living wage is the only UK wage rate based on the cost of living. It is a voluntary payment scheme used by over 14,000 UK businesses. The aim is to pay people a wage they deserve, one that meets their everyday needs – like paying for the weekly shop – and giving people the ability to save for a rainy day. The living wage can be applied by any business from any sector wanting to make a change. If the business can demonstrate that they can pay a living wage, they can apply. By increasing the real living wage, you create more value for your employees. In April 2024 the UK National Minimum Wage rose to meet the National Living Wage. This increase is great for workers but is still lower than the Real Living Wage. So, how does this compare to the Real Living Wage? National Minimum Wage (NMW) Real Living Wage £11.44 £12 (Across UK) £13.15 (In London) The monetary difference doesn't seem much at first glance; however, the Real Living Wage is the only UK rate of pay calculated according to the cost of living, based on a basket of household goods and services.    The Living Wage Foundation was founded with the belief that employees are deserving of a fair pay for their hard work.   The rate is completely voluntary, and there is no legal requirement for businesses to pay their employees a real living wage, however, each year more businesses are signing up for the scheme to support their employees. Why is the Real Living Wage important? The cost of living in the UK can fluctuate greatly. Political and economic factors can influence the cost of everyday goods. Even today, the impact of events like the COVID-19 pandemic and BREXIT can still be felt in the price of the things we buy every day. While prices can go up, they can also come down. Fuel prices are constantly changing up and down depending on external factors that impact the supply. But more often than not, when prices go up, they rarely come down again. Minimum wage was not introduced specifically for improvements with cost of living. And though the government makes efforts to increase the National Minimum Wage regularly, it’s typically just below what would be considered as a fair living wage. Businesses that pay the real living wage see several benefits. There’s usually an improvement in workplace efficiency and morale. According to the Living Wage Foundation, businesses that show this level of commitment to their employees help them feel valued, and as a result, they’re more committed to their work. How to calculate the Real Living Wage The minimum wage is not calculated based on the cost-of-living standards, so using it as a basis for how much income a household needs is difficult. The Real Living Wage, however, works off the cost of a typical expense of household goods and services. Based on those calculations the current real living wage in Wales and the rest of the UK is £12.  The rates are calculated annually by the Resolution Foundation and overseen by the Living Wage Commission, based on the best available evidence about living standards in London and the UK.  The basket of goods draws on the Minimum Income Standard to identify everyday living costs through public consensus.   Before 2016 the London Living Wage was calculated by the Greater London Authority and the UK rate was calculated by the Centre for Research in Social Policy at Loughborough University.  As a community-driven charity that supports people into employment, Môn CF has committed to becoming a Real Living Wage employer. Môn CF is built around pushing communities forward, this accreditation has further illustrated our main belief in supporting the local communities to allow them to prosper. We hope to be a catalyst for change on Anglesey, and hope other local employers join us as organisations paying the Real Living Wage.  How to become a Living Wage employer? Any organisation, no matter how many employees they have can become a Real Living Wage employer. If you’re a business owner and you’d like to make a difference to the lives of your employees in a way that shows you’re committed to them, contact the Living Wage Foundation today!  For the real cost of living | Living Wage Foundation

17 Jun 2024

Business Support Success Story - Jonathan Retallick, Artist and Carpenter
Jonathan Retallick is an Artist, based in Menai Bridge, who creates unique artworks that have earned him worldwide renown in art circles. Jonathan also works as a carpenter and creates bespoke projects for businesses and customers across the region. Entrepreneurship applies itself in many industries, and the art world is no different.   Having a keen business mindset can help an artist thrive in an industry as competitive as art. We went to visit Jonathan who recently received a Small Business Grant with help from Môn CF, to ask about how the grant has helped him grow his business, and to hear about what’s next on the horizon.   Q1. Hi Jonathan, to start us off, could you tell us a little about yourself, and the business you’ve set up?    Of course, I'm Jonathan, I'm a self-employed artist and carpenter. I specialise in oil painting on canvas and use my carpentry skills to build a lot of my materials.  As an intrinsically creative person, I’ve always liked the idea of working for myself. Having always leaned towards the idea of self-employment for most of my life.     Pursuing my creative ideas has always been one of my ambitions and in 2015 I decided to pursue my ambitions full-time.   Art has always meant a lot to me, as a method of communication, and a commentary on existence. After a few years of building a substantial portfolio, I went to study art at university.   "I've leaned towards the idea of self-employment for most of my life."   This was a tough decision having often been discouraged by people’s belief that art lacked job opportunities, but I had to be true to myself.      Going to university was the best life decision I’d made to that point, my timing was perfect and I thrived.   I graduated in 2020 into a very different world. Job security was no longer guaranteed, and the world shifted into the unknown.     Finding my feet as an artist I worked in factories to pay bills until my self-employed work picked up momentum.     I now work on my art full-time and have partnered with local galleries that showcase my work exclusively.    I’ve also built a worldwide network of collectors who commission my work.   Q2. What kind of support have you received so far from Môn CF?    I’d been pointed to Môn CF by a few friends who’d had help setting up their businesses and thought I’d give it a shot.     I originally came to Môn CF looking for employment support after redundancies were announced at the factory where I worked.   They encouraged me to think of everything I could do to earn money as a whole package and it was looking like self-employment was going to be the best option for me.     Being self-employed scared me a lot at first, but I gradually picked up so much work that I often had to turn it down.     The coaches at Môn CF helped me see that what I had was working well and encouraged me to nurture it, and it’d grown into a thriving business.     It’s been about 9 months since I reached out to Môn CF, and they’ve since helped me apply for a small business grant.     I applied and was granted various woodworking tools that I wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. The tools have already been used extensively to take on a wider variety of work.   Môn CF's support has enabled me to do more self-employed woodwork alongside my art and has facilitated a flexible working schedule that has worked very well for me in the last few months. Q3. What was it like to work with Môn CF, how did you find the grant application process?  The application process couldn’t have been easier. Very straightforward and the grants team supported me through it.   Having been unsuccessful with grant applications in the past, Môn CF made sure their process was simple by comparison.   "My ambition is to continue to create artwork that excites me enough to want to share it with others. It’s been nearly 9 years since I dedicated myself to art and my love for it has only grown." "Môn CF's support has enabled me to do more self-employed woodwork alongside my art" Q4. So, what’s next for your business, what are your ambitions for the next few years?    I have two large exhibitions coming up, one at Ffin y Parc starting on the 24th of May until the 15th of June, and another at MoMA Cymru, from the 14th of September to the 16th of November.     I have also been shortlisted for the Kyffin Williams Drawing Prize 2024 and had work on display at the Royal Cambrian Academy.     Although I plan to keep exhibiting in Wales for the long term, encouraged by the increased international attention, I have started to plan exhibitions that reach a wider audience.     For now, I have my head down focussing on creating evermore sophisticated works.   I strive to create work that inspires emotional and contemplative responses that grow with viewers over time. My ambition is to continue to create artwork that excites me enough to want to share it with others. It's been nearly 9 years since I dedicated myself to art and my love for it has only grown. Q5. And lastly, If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking to go self-employed or start a new business, what would it be?    "Do what you love and hold on to it for dear life!"   It’s rarely a smooth road to success in self-employment, and you might need to get part-time work to support your passion. But if you keep chipping away and persevere, you will undoubtedly succeed!     Q6. How can people find out more about you and your work?    The best way to see my work would be to look me up on social media, my Instagram is @jonathan_retallick and you can find me on Facebook by searching JonathanRetallickArt.     You can also see my website  which showcases my work.

22 Feb 2024

Mae Grantiau Busnes yn ôl!
Mae Grantiau Busnesau Bach yn ôl ar Ynys Môn! Ymunwch â ni ar gyfer Digwyddiad Gwybodaeth a Lansio Grantiau Môn CF! Mae Môn CF yn gadael i berchnogion busnesau lleol ddarganfod yr holl gefnogaeth sydd ar gael drwy Môn CF! Bydd y digwyddiad yn lansio'r rownd nesaf o Grantiau Busnes Bach! Mae'r grantiau hyd yma wedi helpu cannoedd o fusnesau bach ar Ynys Môn i dyfu a chynyddu! Os ydych chi'n berchennog busnes bach, yn fasnachwr unigol hunangyflogedig, neu os oes gennych chi syniad busnes yr hoffech ei drafod, mae'r digwyddiad hwn ar eich cyfer chi! Am y Digwyddiad Mae’r digwyddiad hwn yn gyfle gwych i fusnesau bach ddarganfod yr amrywiaeth o gefnogaeth sydd ar gael ar Ynys Môn! Cewch wybodaeth am Môn CF, a’r hyn sydd ar gael I chi a’ch busnes. Bydd ein timau wrth law i roi cyngor a chymorth ym mhob agwedd or fusnes, gan gynnwys: Grantiau a Chyllid  - Cefnogi datblygiad a thwf busnesau lleol. Lleoliadau Gwaith â Thâl  - Helpu busnesau i fanteisio ar dalent a datblygu'r farchnad swyddi ar Ynys Môn. Cefnogaeth Cyflogaeth  – Help I chi ddatblygu eich gweithlu. Gwasanaethau Recriwtio Am Ddim - I helpu busnesau i ddod o hyd i'r bobl iawn a llenwi swyddi’n gyflym. Dylunio Gwe a Marchnata  – Help hefo brandio’ch busnes a mynd ar lein. Hyfforddiant - Helpu I ddatblygu [obl a busnensu Ynys Môn drwy hyfforddiant pwrpasol.   Bydd cynrychiolwyr asiantaethau hefyd yn y digwyddiad i roi cymorth i fusnesau. Bydd cynrychiolwyr o Gyngor Sir Ynys Môn , Busnes Cymru , Banc Datblygu Cymru, FSB , a Menter Môn yn bresennol, gyda mwy i’w cyhoeddi’n fuan! Pam ddylwn i ddod? Daeth dros 300 o fusnesau i’n digwyddiad diwethaf, ac o ganlyniad, cawsant y cymorth yr oedd ei angen arnynt i dyfu! Rydym am helpu hyd yn oed mwy o fusnesau ar Ynys Môn drwy gymorth ymarferol a grantiau. Dyna pam mae ein digwyddiad nesaf yn cael ei gynnal yng Ngwesty Bulkeley ym Miwmares. Os ydych yn mynychu’r noson cewch wybod yn gynnar am y grant a sut i’w hawlio. "Bydd pawb sy'n mynychu'r digwyddiad yn cael Y CYFLE CYNTAF i wneud cais am grant!" Pryd a ble mae'r Digwyddiad? Lansio Noson Wybodaeth a Grantiau Môn CF: Ebrill 11eg 3pm - 8pm Gwesty Bulkeley, 19 Stryd y Castell, Biwmares, LL58 8AW Sut ydw i'n cofrestru? Mae cofrestru ar gyfer digwyddiad Gwybodaeth a Grantiau Môn CF yn hawdd. Rydym yn deall bod rhedeg busnes yn golygu eich bod yn brysur. Mae modd I chi bwcio slot I weld un o’n staff ar y noson, ymlaen llaw. Dilynwch y ddolen isod, dewiswch amser sy'n addas i chi ac archebwch eich tocyn. Mae mynediad i’r digwyddiad yn hollol AM DDIM , a dim ond ychydig funudau y mae cofrestru’n ei gymryd.

11 Mar 2024

Business Support Success Story - Ashley Webb Handyman
Part of the Môn CF service is to give those who have an idea for a new business the support and guidance they need to ensure it’s a success. Success can appear at various times throughout life. Having the resilience and determination to start something new can be both exciting and challenging. Ashley Webb first approached Môn CF in 2023 to enquire about the Business Support services we provide. His goal was to access business funding to help his handyman business grow. We recently caught up with Ashley to find out how things are going since he received his grant, and to ask how the support he received from Môn CF has helped him and his business. Here’s what Ashley had to say! Q1. Hi Ashley, to start us off, could you tell us a little about yourself, and the business you’ve set up? Hi, I’m Ashley Webb, I’m a self-employed handyman based in Llannerch-y-medd! I provide handyman services across the island of Anglesey and tackle jobs of all kinds. A lifelong DIY-er and apprentice property developer, I officially became fully self-employed in 2020. Since starting I’ve been able to build a strong reputation on the island as someone willing to tackle various domestic repair and maintenance work. The response since starting has been great. I consistently get good feedback from my customers which is always good! I’ve got over 70 5-star reviews so far! It’s great that I’ve been able to establish myself as a reliable option for those who need assistance with their home improvement projects and my comprehensive range of skills means I can help with all aspects of work. From plumbing to carpentry, to painting and garden maintenance, there’s little I can’t turn my hand to. I’ve worked on major projects like complete property value enhancements, to smaller projects like furniture assembly and shelf hanging. Every job gets my personalised attention which my customers really appreciate! Q2. What kind of support have you received so far from Môn CF? Môn CF has helped me access valuable grant funding which has really helped my business. The grant money enabled me to buy commercial-grade equipment that I use to conduct my work. I used the funds to buy a long-reach hedge trimmer, a chainsaw, and a blower, as well as a new impact torque wrench. I use all these tools daily, and they’ve been invaluable to my business. The grant was instrumental in helping me take my business to the next level. The hedge trimmer, chainsaw, and blower have boosted my capabilities and efficiency significantly, meaning I can take on more jobs and get them done to a higher standard. I can now tackle large landscaping projects with confidence and deliver exceptional service to my clients. The new tools have also opened doors to new, high-value contracts, which have helped increase my income! In the near future, I’m hoping to take on a member of staff who can assist me with the growing workload, creating additional jobs and propelling my business even further forward. I’m incredibly grateful for the support I’ve received, it’s been invaluable and has made a real difference to me and my journey. Q3. What was it like to work with Môn CF, how did you find the grant application process? The entire process was exceptionally smooth and user-friendly. The straightforward nature of the application coupled with the readily available guidance and support from the Môn CF team made it a pleasure to apply for the grant. Q4. So, what’s next for your business, what are your ambitions for the next few years? My sights are firmly set on expanding the business in the next few years. I’m excited to take on more high-value contracts focused on property value enhancement. To manage the growing workload that comes with these projects, I plan to hire an assistant within the next year. This will give me more time to dedicate to securing new work and bigger contracts, and to build strong, lasting relationships with my clients. I’m also dedicated to continuous improvement and will be adding to my skills and knowledge to solidify and enhance my excellent reputation! Q5. If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking to go self-employed or start a new business, what would it be? Embrace the balance between striving for excellence and learning from your inevitable losses. Think of your losses as temporary stumbling blocks, each offering valuable lessons on what works and what doesn’t. Use these experiences to hone your skills and optimise your processes. It’ll ultimately help you deliver exceptional quality that commands its own price. This means focusing on building loyal customers who appreciate your attention to detail and your commitment to quality service. Remember, cutting corners and making a cheap price a priority might lead to quick wins, but it’s a race to the bottom. Invest your time, effort, and resources in your customers, especially when they value the work you do. They’ll form the solid foundation for a sustainable business that stands out in the long run! Q6. And lastly, how can people find out more about you? The main place people can find me is online. If you search Ashley Webb Handyman on Google you’ll find my business page, and you’ll be able to read some of the reviews left by my happy clients. You can also find out more at my website  which has a portfolio of some of my work and more contact information. You can also find me on Facebook, just search Ashley Webb Handyman Services, I regularly post my day-to-day and some behind-the-scenes to my page that lets you take a look at some of my current projects. Thinking about starting your own business? Get the support you need with Môn CF! If you're thinking of starting your own business, or already have a business, Môn CF's Business Support team is here to help! Able to provide support in all aspects of business, from funding to policy writing, through to a full recruitment service, our team is here for you. Interested in learning more? Get in touch with our Business Support team today!

6 Feb 2024

Business Grants Are Back!
Small Business Grants are back on Anglesey! Join us for the Môn CF Showcase & Grants Launch Event! The Môn CF Showcase lets local business owners discover all the support that's available from Môn CF! The Showcase event will launch the next round of Small Business Grants! The grants have helped hundreds of small businesses on Anglesey grow and scale up! If you're a small business owner, a self-employed sole trader, or have a business idea you want to explore, this event is for you! About the event This event is a fantastic opportunity for small businesses to discover the variety of support available on Anglesey! We've tailored the whole event to suit the needs of you and your businesses. Our teams will be on hand to provide advice and support in all aspects of business, including: Grants & Funding  - Supporting the development and growth of local businesses. Paid Work Placements  - Helping businesses tap into talent and develop the job market on Anglesey. Employment Support  - To provide in-work support to businesses and employees on Anglesey. Free Recruitment Services  - To help businesses find the right people & fill roles fast. Web Design & Marketing  – Help with branding your business and getting you online. Training  - To help the people and businesses of Anglesey be the best that they can be.   We'll also have other agencies in attendance who provide support for businesses.   We'll have teams from The Isle of Anglesey County Council , Business Wales , The Development Bank of Wales , The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) , and Menter Môn  in attendance, with more to announce soon! Why should I attend? Over 300 businesses attended our last event, and as a result, got the support they needed to grow! We want to help even more businesses on Anglesey through practical support and grants. That's why our next event is being held at the Bulkeley Hotel in Beaumaris. And we're giving everyone who attends early access to grant applications! "Everyone who attends the event will get EARLY ACCESS to the grant applications!" When and Where is the event? The Môn CF Showcase & Grants Launch: 11th April 3pm - 8pm Bulkeley Hotel, 19 Castle Street, Beaumaris, LL58 8AW How do I sign up? Registering for the Môn CF Showcase and Grants event couldn't be easier. We understand running a business means your days can be busy. This is why we're giving attendees the ability to book a time that suits them. Follow the link below, choose a time that suits you and book your ticket. Admission to the event is completely FREE , and registration only takes a few minutes.

11 Mar 2024

Annual General Meeting - Môn CF

3 Nov 2023

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