Paid work opportunities for 16–24-year-olds with businesses across Anglesey and Gwynedd, through the Government Kickstart Scheme.

Applicants must be:

  • 16-24 years old

  • currently unemployed

  • Claiming Universal Credit

All positions are:

  • 25 hours per week

  • for 6 months

  • National minimum wage

How can Môn CF help you Kickstart your career?

Our employment support team can help you to:

  • Start a Universal Credit claim (if eligible)

  • Create/update your CV

  • Complete application forms

  • Prepare for Kickstart Placement job interviews


How to apply

To apply, speak to your work coach at the Job Centre

What is the KICKSTART scheme?

The Kickstart Scheme is a six-month paid work placement with a local employer, funded by the Government. It provides a fully funded opportunity for young people to get paid work experience. The six-month placements will be for 25 hours per week at National Minimum Wage; the employer can choose to offer increased hours and/or an increased wage.

The Kickstart Scheme announced by the Government expects to offer hundreds of thousands of job opportunities over the next few years. A £2 billion pot is available to fully fund positions with businesses across the UK, some of which will be with local businesses in Anglesey.