Rebecca Harper

Why did you come to Môn CF?

The reason I initially got in contact with Mon CF, was because I wanted help with my CV and I didn’t know what types of jobs I could apply for. I had previously been to University and trained as a secondary school teacher. I then had my first child and have spent the last couple of years at home, so it had been sometime since I had worked. Even though I want to go back to teaching eventually; it was not something I wanted to do straight away, (mainly because I felt I had lost all my confidence after being at home and not in work.)

Did you do any training?

Yes! I did the confidence building and interview skills course, this was to help improve my own confidence, and my mentor suggested I could potentially assist with delivering the course in future. Not only to build my confidence but to also give me some more current experience (and confidence) with regards to getting back into teaching. I also did the Level 3 Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults course, to give me some up to date training towards getting back into teaching - it was really informative, much more in depth than anything I'd previously received whilst doing my teacher training!

Did you do any volunteering or work experience?

Yes I completed a six week paid work placement at the Treaddur Bay Hotel, which was a front of house role working in different areas of the hotel. I had to be interviewed for this position, and got feedback that I really impressed at interview and seemed really confident (which I didn't think I was), which was a huge boost to my confidence! After the first week of working, I was told by management that they were getting really good reports back, and they were really happy with my work, and that I would be getting offered a contract at the end of my placement! I was actually really surprised how much I enjoyed the job, and after just a couple of weeks of working I started to get my confidence back again!

What are you doing now?

At the moment due to the current situation with COVD 19 I am not working. However, I have been told that once the Treaddur Bay Hotel is able to reopen that the offer of a contract will still be there. I am also looking at the possibility of other employment during the current situation with support from my Mentor, she is still in regular contact and we discuss opportunities.