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Success Story - Matthew Williams & Angharad Norrington

Why did you come to Môn CF?

Matthew: I was already working in a local restaurant, but I felt that I wasn’t making the most of either my skills or my personality. I’d heard about Môn CF through word of mouth and thought it’d be a good place to go to get some careers advice.

Angharad: I applied for a vacancy that Môn CF were advertising on behalf of a local supermarket. I wasn’t successful on that occasion, but the experience helped me get a better understanding of what Môn CF did and what they could offer me.

Did you do any training?

Matthew: Yes, I did a Mental Health First Aid course which would come in useful for any role dealing with the public.

Angharad: I did two courses: Emergency First Aid at Work and Customer Service Skills. Both courses were brilliant, and they turned out to be the key to securing the job I’m in now. As well as the courses, my Mentor helped me to update my CV, and I immediately noticed a difference in how many responses I got from employers.

What are you doing now?

Matthew: My Mentor told me that there were jobs going in Anglesey Airport, so she put my CV forward and helped me fill in the application form. I had a preliminary interview in Môn CF’s Holyhead office, then a more formal interview in the airport itself. Now I’m a Terminal Operator responsible for security, baggage-handling and check-in.

Angharad: My Mentor supported me to apply for the opportunities with Anglesey Airport and gave me lots of help to brush up on my interview skills. The screening interview happened in Môn CF which was perfect for me because I already felt comfortable there. I was offered a job and I got my happy ending!

What do you think is the best thing about Môn CF?

Matthew: Definitely the level of support you get – the encouragement, coaching and guidance. Plus their links with employers open doors for people.

Angharad: The courses and the opportunities. I’ve told everyone how blessed I am to have ended up here, and that’s down to Môn CF.


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