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Lizzie Jones turns her life around at 60

Lizzie Jones, 60 “I’ve struggled to get where I am in life now, coming out of a marriage that lasted twenty-five years, and having to deal with divorce and adapting to living alone.

Two years ago, when the world went into lockdown with Covid, (and my four children had either left home or grown up), I decided it was time to focus on me.

I re-educated myself (online distance-learning due to Covid restrictions) and became a qualified TEFL teacher. I then looked for local work, to tide me over in the interim. That is when I was fortunate enough to be allocated a job as Digital Marketing and Communications Officer with Seapig through Môn CF.”

Carys, Môn CF Work Placement Officer said: “I first came across Elizabeth (Lizzie’s) CV online on Indeed, and from her background and her hobbies, I thought that she would be a perfect fit for Cara at Seapig and called her up about the role. The more we spoke, the more I thought she would be perfect for the role, and I thought that she would get on so well with Cara. I was so pleased to see her secure the role, and I am so pleased to see her continued development. Lizzie has been a delight to work with during her work placement, and she is a valued member of the Seapig team, which is expanding, and continues to go from strength to strength.”

Lizzie “I will be forever grateful to Môn CF, as they were pivotal in turning my life around. Because of Môn CF, I was not only able to gain employment with a local Anglesey company, but I bought myself a car, I gained heaps of self-confidence, and, after my sixteen weeks of work placement through Môn CF came to an end, I was given a permanent work contract with Seapig, the company that Môn CF placed me with initially!

I have since been on more than a dozen courses, gaining accredited qualifications, also gaining valuable professional connections along the way. I am establishing a solid foundation on which to build my future.

Everyone at Môn CF was so helpful, friendly and professional but particularly my Work Placement Officer, Carys Jones, who was always there to help and advise, whenever I needed her expertise. You really have helped change my life! Diolch yn fawr iawn, Môn CF!”


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