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Dylan Owen steps onto the career ladder in Caernarfon

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Dylan Owen, 18 from Bontnewydd has secured a role in Construction following a two-week Academi Adra course.

Adra are North Wales' largest social housing provider and we have been working with them to provide opportunities to people across Gwynedd.

In August, Dylan Owen, along with three other Môn CF clients attended a two-week Academi Adra course comprising of one week studying Construction and Property Maintenance at Grŵp Llandrillo Menai Campus, Llangefni, followed by a week of onsite experience with an Adra contractor.

Dylan Owen was placed with G H James in Cae’r Saint, Caernarfon for the week. Alun Shields, Site Manager at G H James was so impressed with Dylan’s performance on his placement, that he offered him a full-time role onsite.

Alun said: “He’s willing, he’s learning, he’s conscientious, his time keeping is impeccable. He’s probably the politest lad I’ve ever employed. Very nice young man to work with.”

Dylan is now two months into working as a Groundworker for 45 hours a week, 7:30 from 5pm, he is grateful of the support he has received and is enjoying the routine.

“Katie was my mentor; lovely person, she signed me up with a bunch of courses, helped me with my CV, told me about the construction course, and through work experience I got the job.

We've carried out maintenance: replacing old paths that could be unsafe, removing trip hazards and erecting new fencing.

What’s really cool is using a still saw and a jackhammer, with the still saw I got a course through Adra and they taught me how to use a jackhammer through work experience. It’s been really fun.

I do enjoy this type of work, but it is very tiring, hopefully I’ll get to move onto do an apprenticeship in joinery.”

Dylan’s 5-year goal is to become a joiner, he also aspires to become a firefighter one day, so this is a great step on the career ladder for him.

Alun, Site Manager, is aware of Dylan’s plans to do an apprenticeship but is happy to keep him on while he explores his options with our In-Work Support Team.

Of the four clients who attended the Academi Adra, Dylan was offered a role with an Adra contractor, one individual was offered a paid work placement on the Adra Repairs Team, one is now working as a Self-Employed Labourer, and one is currently exploring her employment options.

Overall, the partnership working has been a success and we look forward to working with Adra in the future, to get more people like Dylan into work!


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