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Camila Ramos secures role as Engineering Technician

Camila initially approached Môn CF for employment support in 2019. Camila is an Italian/Brazilian national who had previously qualified as a Civil Engineer at a university in Brazil.

Following an introductory meeting, a three-step plan was agreed between Camila and her mentor, Georgia, this being to: improve her English language skills, gain employment, and focus on returning to a career in Civil Engineering.

Camila’s mentor assisted her application for a position on a course to further her English Language Skills and then helped her to write a CV. Georgia held several one-to-one meetings with Camila, supporting her with various local job applications which lead to her successfully gaining a temporary position at Tesco.

When Camila’s seasonal position at Tesco ended, she returned to Brazil for a short while. On coming back to Anglesey, she re-engaged with Môn CF, at which time, Georgia updated her CV with her most recent employment and re-prioritised Camila’s goal of returning into the Civil Engineering field.

Although Camila was qualified and had many years of experience working as a Civil Engineer, she was struggling to regain employment within this field as her qualifications were in Portuguese, therefore prospective employers did not recognise her certificates/degree.

A strategy was adopted with Camila to try and gain some work experience on-site locally; to gain more knowledge of British materials, substances and methods. Georgia reached out to local employers for this, meanwhile, she also assisted Camila with seeking funding and applying for a NARIC Statement of Comparability which enabled her to gain verification of her qualifications to the UK standard.

After some weeks of contacting local employers, Cadarn Consulting Engineers contacted Georgia at Môn CF inviting Camila to an interview. Camila accepted the interview and worked with her mentor to ensure she felt confident and prepared.

Following the successful interview, Camila was offered an apprenticeship to study towards a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. Though Camila was keen to accept this offer, her international driving licence had expired and the bus route to Cadarn Consulting Engineers had been terminated due to COVID 19 – meaning transport was an issue. Determined to overcome this barrier, Môn CF worked to make this possible for Camila by funding her theory test and intensive practical driving course. Camila has since passed her driving theory course and is waiting to start her practical driving course. Cadarn Consulting Engineers also assisted with getting the bus reinstated to their premises.

Camila is now working full-time at Cadarn Consulting Engineers and is receiving support from her employer and education provider to gain her English GCSE and Master’s degree.

Georgia, Employment Support Mentor said “Camila’s story is an excellent example of how Môn CF support clients to reach both short and long-term goals. Any ‘hurdles’ experienced were overcome with hard work from Camila and support from myself. Camila’s determination to succeed is proof goals can be achieved! Well done Camila!”

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