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Small Business Grant Scheme: Clarification

Môn CF wishes to state that its recent discretionary grant scheme was substantially oversubscribed. With a grant of £100,000 (round 2) secured from UK Government we had aimed to help 50 businesses initially.

Through another grant application we were able to secure an additional £400,000 from the Welsh Government (round 1 grant).

These 2 substantial awards have been a first for Môn CF and has enabled us to help businesses on Ynys Môn for the first time with financial aid. For many of these businesses this will be the first time they will have received any kind of publicly funded grant. Through these two rounds we have been able to support more than 480 of Anglesey’s small businesses.

In an ideal world we would have loved to provide all our applicants with funding, but this is not possible. In round 2 alone over £900k of applications for funding were received and we have had to take some difficult decisions which means some businesses will not receive a grant from us. Round 2 successful applicants will be receiving less funding than applied for in order to support more businesses.

We are nevertheless pursuing other sources of funding which we hope will enable us to extend the grants scheme in the near future. Whilst we acknowledge that those businesses who have applied but have not received a grant will be disappointed, we are however saddened by some unsavoury and unacceptable comments being made to our staff.

We must reiterate that this is a discretionary grant – this means that Môn CF has the say in who receives a grant or not. There is no legal entitlement on any business’ part to receive a grant from us and there is no recourse once our decision has been made.

If you have applied for a grant and not be successful, we respectfully request that if you make contact with Môn CF that you do so in a courteous manner.


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