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Môn CF Self-Employment Workshop - July 17th 2023

Mon Cf Self Employment Workship - July 17 2022
Mon Cf Self Employment Workship - July 17 2022

Starting a business of your own can be a big challenge!

Knowing where to start and building your business from the ground up takes a lot of work.

Sometimes, getting started can be an ambitious task on its own, but self-employment doesn’t mean going it alone!

This month, we’re running another one of our self-employment workshops. Our workshops have helped businesses and self-employed people across Anglesey understand more about the running of their business, and what support is available.

Our workshops are for anyone who’s either currently self-employed or looking to become self-employed.

You are invited to come along and speak to our business mentors, gain some valuable advice, and learn what Môn CF can do to support you.

This event is being held at our office in Amlwch, on the 17th of July and is on from 9am to 4pm.


What is a self-employment workshop?

A self-employment workshop is just that. An event where we discuss and share our insight on what it’s like to run a self-employed business.

Mon Cf self-employment workshop
Môn CF Self-employment workshop

We have a team of skilled mentors who have helped businesses across Anglesey set themselves up as sole-traders and get a great business up and running.

The workshop will look at some key areas that you need to consider when you’re self employed, covering subjects that range from writing business plans, to marketing your services.


Who is the self-employment workshop for?

Our self-employment workshops are open to anyone who is thinking about setting themselves up as self-employed, and for people already running a self-employed business who are looking for a little extra guidance.

You could be wondering if self-employment is for you, or just want some advice on the basics of setting up a business. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re here to help!


What will I learn at the Môn CF Self-employment workshop?

Launching your own business can be risky, and it takes a lot of work to become a success.

There’s a lot to learn very quickly, and sometimes you have to learn on the job.

This workshop will help give you an overview of everything you need to know about running a self-employed business.

You’ll discover what kind of funding is available to help start your business, and the services Môn CF have available to help you achieve your goals.

We’ll also highlight some common mistakes a lot of self-employed people make when starting out, and the steps you can take to avoid them.

We’ll provide insight into marketing strategies, and how you can attract customers to your business.


How do I get involved?

Getting involved couldn’t be easier, drop us an email at, or call our office on 01407 762 004 to reserve your space.

The workshop is being held at our Amlwch office on the 17th of July and is on all day between 9am to 4pm.

We look forward to seeing you there, and we look forward to helping your business thrive!


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