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Updated: Aug 27, 2021

We are pleased to announce that we are now the proud owners of 17-21 Salem St, the old bank in Amlwch! Our plan for the building is to create office space and a training facility at the front and two flats at the back.

We have had a firm decision on our planning application and following a successful bid to tender for Anglesey Builders Ltd., renovation work will begin in August - the planned renovation process is a 22-week programme. Due to their recent increased demand for labour, Anglesey Builders Ltd. will be employing 6 new starters through Môn CF, through the Government Kickstart Scheme.

From the Amlwch office, we will continue to deliver employment support and training to local residents and support local businesses with recruitment and other needs.

Since April 2019, in Amlwch alone, we have supported 109 clients into work, 5 individuals into self-employment and over 40 businesses in the local area.

We hope this new office will breathe new life into the town and we look forward to sharing the renovation journey with you!

Funding Partners: Magnox and Welsh Government TRI Fund (Targeted Regeneration Investment).


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