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Calling all potential business owners! The Holyhead town centre needs you!

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

HSBC Building Holyhead
HSBC Building Holyhead

Môn CF is looking for local entrepreneurs to join us in our latest venture to help our island thrive!

We’ve helped hundreds of successful businesses that have all gone on to create jobs for the people of Anglesey.

Our latest project sets out to replicate this success. Supporting new businesses by providing the means they need to get their start.

This is where you come in!

Our new project aims to regenerate Holyhead town centre through the Vacant Property Programme, and we want ambitious business owners to join us as we start something great!

If this sounds like you, we want you to get involved!

In this post, you’ll find out more about our plans to regenerate the town centre and have the opportunity to register your expression of interest with us!


What is the Levelling Up Fund?

In January 2023, the UK Government approved the Isle of Anglesey County Council’s Levelling Up Fund application for £17m.

The investment for Holyhead Town Centre is for the benefit of the local community.

The overarching objective of the Levelling Up Fund is to reverse the decline of the town centre, and increase pride of place for residents.

This funding brings together strong local partners (Môn CF, Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead Town Council, Diocese of Bangor) and a coherent, comprehensive package of well-chosen interventions.

Together they will put the town on a new and more sustainable path.

Môn CF has secured £5 million of grant funding for Holyhead, as part of the UK Government’s Levelling Up agenda.


How to get involved.

Môn CF is keen to offer spaces in the HSBC and Central Building to local individuals and enterprises who wish to operate from these premises.

We are inviting expressions of interest for any of the following business types:

  • Café

  • Restaurant

  • Micro-Brewery & Tap Room

  • Dance School

  • 9 (The old St David's Hospice Shop)

  • 14A (The old County Stationers)

  • 14B (The old Computer Geeks)

The rent charged by Môn CF will be very competitive. Based on our focus on creating spaces for businesses to thrive and create long-term jobs.

If you have an interest in exploring the possibility of becoming one of our key tenants, and contributing to the regeneration of our town centres, complete the Expression of Interest form as soon as possible.

Additionally, we have resources and mentors available to support your business ambitions. We can help get your idea off the ground.

If you would like further information before completing the form, contact us today!

We are very interested in exploring ideas for businesses and hearing your ideas.

[Applications for properties are now closed. For further information please contact our head office]


What is the Vacant Property Programme?

The Môn CF element of the Levelling Up Fund aims to transform our town centre through the Vacant Property Programme.

The Vacant Property Programme involves the purchase of prominent empty properties in the town centre and investing in their refurbishment to provide local businesses with affordable premises from which to operate.

Over the years Môn CF have been working to tackle the inactivity seen in our town centres.

The latest project will see us purchase more empty premises and repurpose them.

The goal is to create new and exciting spaces that bring life back to the town centre.

The Levelling Up Fund will help Môn CF acquire two of Holyhead's largest and most iconic buildings and refurbish an additional two properties already in our ownership.

Both buildings are in a central location (HSBC and Central Building) and are a vital element in brining life back into the town.

Môn CF will begin to develop a new kind of town centre, based on the views and needs expressed by local people.

The Levelling Up Fund reflects the requirements of our local community, and its vision will bring people back to the town centre.


About the properties.

The first of the two properties we’ve acquired is the HSBC Building.

Artist Rendition of proposed HSBC Building
Artist Rendition of proposed HSBC Building

The busy bank was once used by local people and businesses but has been empty since HSBC left in 2017.

The building is a large, three-storey site right in the town centre of Holyhead. With its historical features and unique layout, it's a striking sight.

Artist Rendition of proposed rear of HSBC Building
Artist Rendition of proposed rear of HSBC Building

Our vision is to transform the building into a space suited to a modern restaurant, bar, and taproom.

The large, open spaces of the ground floor make it perfect for this kind of transformation.

The first and second floors will become high-quality overnight accommodation.

Perfect for visitors on short-stays to the island.

The second building is the Central Building (formerly Careers Wales), situated opposite the former bank.

Artist Rendition of proposed Central Building
Artist Rendition of proposed Central Building

Located on the corner of Williams Street and Market Street. The Central

Building consists of three spacious storeys fit for many purposes.

The vision is to reconfigure the space so that it is suited to a café/Dance studio/community spaces.

The building currently houses a charity shop, which will continue to operate from the space.


Destinations for experiences – changing the purpose of the town centre.

Môn CF have mentioned the vision is to create Destinations for Experiences, but what does this mean?

As the culture of the UK continues to change, so will the town centre. While the high street may be changing, people’s desire for experiences and places to visit hasn’t.

The purpose of our vision is to change the way people use the high street. Using the available structures to our advantage, creating places people want to visit.



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