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Additional £434K EU funds secured, £1.7 million project extends to 2023

The Expanding Môn’s Horizons project, backed with £1.3 million from the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government and £388k from the Targeted Match Funding through the Welsh Government, aims to tackle poverty through sustainable employment.

The project, namely referred to as the ‘In-Work’ Support project aims to reduce underemployment and absence rates by working with individuals to improve their labour market situation by working with them to break down any barriers to progression. This could result in an increase in hours worked, moving to another job that better utilises existing skills or being awarded a permanent contract.

Initially confirmed to be a 4-year project, set to run from October 2018 to October 2022, the project has been extended for an additional year, due to its success thus far and the ever-growing need for the support in the area.

To date, with the support of EU funds through the Welsh Government, we have supported 325 residents on Anglesey with 165 of those having improved their employment circumstances. With the funding secured to operate for an additional year, the project will aim to engage with a minimum of 660 underemployed participants through to 2023, therein ‘Expanding Môn’s Horizons’.

Economy and North Wales Minister Ken Skates said: “I’m very pleased to see that the Expanding Môn’s Horizons project has been extended for a further year until 2023. It has already proved extremely valuable for the area with 165 residents of Anglesey achieving an improvement in their employment circumstances as a result of taking part to date. The past year has been extremely challenging, and as part of our plans for the future, investing in skills and encouraging sustainable employment are key to Wales’ recovery.”

The European Social Fund is helping to create jobs, support local businesses and raise skills. During the second half of 2020, the project supported 200 businesses on Anglesey to return to work safely, following Covid guidelines. Through the means of the Covid boxes managed by our Employer Support Officer, we supplied relevant equipment and links to online resources to equip business owners with the information they needed to trade safely.

We are elated to continue the delivery of our In-Work Support project into 2023 and look forward to helping build a thriving and prosperous economy, raise skills and help people into work.

In work or out of work? We can help you.


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