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600 people supported across Anglesey and Gwynedd

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Expanding Môn’s Horizons celebrate supporting more than 600 people across Anglesey and Gwynedd in bid to tackle in-work poverty.

Expanding Môn’s Horizons is a project led by third sector organisation Môn CF (Môn Communities Forward) and supporting individuals with employment barriers such as childcare commitments, work limiting health conditions or transport, to improve their labour market situation. The project has now provided employment support to more than 600 individuals and in excess of 350 of those individuals have been assisted into an improved labour market situation on Anglesey and parts of Gwynedd. The project initially only supported individuals on Anglesey but the project was than granted permission to support those in areas of Gwynedd also, aiming to support 660 participants in total by the end of June 2023.

The £1.7 million scheme is supported by £1.3m from the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government. It aims to reduce underemployment and reduce in-work poverty by supporting people to find solutions to issues including childcare and transport and address them through one-to-one mentoring and exploring different working practices by providing C.V. support, assisting with job applications and preparing for interviews. Project staff have supported individuals to retrain, find additional hours at their current employer or secure a more stable contract and in the long-term, helping people move towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

‘Expanding Mȏn’s Horizons’ has also supported more than 280 employers to date, specifically focusing on local small and medium-sized enterprises, to adopt or improve their existing workplace strategies and occupational health and adopt Equality and Diversity policies.

This innovative project provides invaluable support for employed people to improve their employment opportunities and create a brighter future for themselves with the knowledge and support offered, as well as offering support to local businesses to promote equal opportunities for all.


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