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Vacant Property Programme - Môn CF Owned Properties Update

It’s been a while since we last provided an update on the work taking place through the Vacant Property Project that is taking place in Holyhead Town Centre.

The project has been impacted by factors outside of our control, like the cost of living and inflation, which have caused unforeseen delays to the works.

However, we wanted to make this post to keep everyone up to date on what we’re doing in Holyhead, and to let you know that the plans are still going ahead – despite them being slightly delayed compared to our original plan.

In this post, we’ll provide a re-cap to the objectives of the project, and give you an update on each property, so you can be up to date on their progress.

What is the Vacant Property Programme?

The Vacant Property Programme is a project undertaken to help transform and redevelop some of the empty properties in Holyhead Town Centre.

The project involves the purchase of prominent empty properties, and investing in their refurbishment, to provide local businesses with affordable premises from which to operate.

Our ambition is to create spaces that people want to visit and make the town centre a destination for experiences, increasing overall footfall to the area and benefitting everyone here in the long-term.

The buildings include the former HSBC, Central Buildings (Former Careers Wales), 9 Stanley Street, 14a and 14b Stanley Street (Former County Stationers).

Môn CF Buildings Update:

Former HSBC Building:

This is the largest of our projects and is taking longer than we had hoped to get started.

The dramatic hike in building costs due to inflation has meant our original budget could not deliver what we had originally planned, thus we have had to amend our plans to bring the building costs down.

The use of the building long term will not change fundamentally with the ground floor being a restaurant and a separate local craft beer tap room. The top 2 floors will be overnight accommodation rooms.

The revised tender is still live for another week on the Sell2Wales platform so we shall know before the end of July who the successful contractor will be. In August we shall see work starting on the building with all works due to be completed by the end of August 2025.

Central Buildings (Former Careers Wales):

This is also a large building in the town centre. For similar reasons to the HSBC, inflation has had an adverse effect on our original design. We have scaled back some of the works on the building to ensure we get the project back on budget. 

The use of the building will remain the same which is a cafe on the ground floor and a drama and dance studio on the top 2 floors.

The tender for this work is also on the Sell2Wales platform and is scheduled to close next week, and we expect to appoint a building contractor end of July 2024. Work on the building will start in August 2024 with a completion date of June 2025. 

9 Stanley Street:

This building is due to be completed by August 2024 and is currently being refurbished by Anglesey Builders.

The ground floor will be a shop selling locally made soap and other handcrafted items.

The top two floors will be a new 2-bedroom flat. This will be offered for rent to a local family shortly.

14a and 14b Stanley Street (Former County Stationers):

This building is proving quite problematic. A survey has found defective Steel Beams on the first-floor level.

These Steel Beams will have to be replaced before any work can be started on the building.

This work will be done by the end of 2024, and it is expected that the full refurbishment works will commence in early 2025 with completion in the Summer of 2025.


For more information on the project, please contact Môn CF on 01407 762 004


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