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Business Support Success Story - Môn Ice, Holyhead

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Mike Munro of Môn Ice
Mike Munro of Môn Ice

Môn CF's Business Support team has been providing expert guidance to small businesses all across Anglesey!

Mike Munro is the owner of one such business and came to Môn CF looking for support to help staff his small venture.

One sunny afternoon this month, we caught up with Mike to ask about the support he received from Môn CF, and to see things are progressing for him and his business!

Q1. Hi Mike, to start us off, could you tell us a little about yourself and your business?

Of course, my name’s Mike Munro, and I’m the owner of Môn Ice!

My aim is to make people smile with delicious, high-quality ice creams and treats. Classic vanilla is our best seller!

My background is a bit different, I was in the Territorial Army for 5 years, and I’m also an HGV driver.

Before setting up Môn Ice, I used to work in the film industry. I’ve worked behind the scenes on a few big movies. I met Rowan Atkinson when I was working on the set of Johnny English 2, and I spent some time with Gal Gadot (aka Wonder Woman) while I was working on the Justice League movie.

I’ve also recently joined the shore crew on the lifeboats at the Holyhead RNLI!

I now own and operate Môn Ice, where we sell quality ice cream in all flavours. We’ve got a wide selection that includes some products you wouldn’t expect, like Scoops Doggy Ice Cream, Vegan Ice Cream, and Low-Calorie Ice Cream, as well as warm treats like Waffles and pancakes.

You can find us on Newry Beach promenade in Holyhead – we’re usually there 7 days a week!

Q2. How did you initially approach Môn CF? Was it always for Business Support, or did you come to us for a different reason?

Yes, I came to Môn CF looking for Business Support.

Môn Cf helped me apply for a grant to purchase some equipment I needed. I was able to purchase a generator to help operate my van.

I was also able to purchase some promotional material like flyers and cards, we also got flags to help get the word out.

Ince cream van in Newry Beach Holyhead
You can't fake a flake - Find Mike and his van on Newry beach 7 days a week!

Q3. Could you tell us a bit more about how your business has grown, and how the support you received helped that growth?

I contacted Môn CF about the paid-placement scheme. We were looking for support hiring staff, and we’ve been able to create a permanent position which I was really pleased about.

Q4. Could you tell us about your plans for the future of your business?

Our latest venture is making ourselves available for private hire. Birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, weddings, we can cater most events!

We’ll be offering a bespoke service, where we can decorate our van any way people like, so it suits the theme of their event.

We’re also looking at increasing our opening hours which will hopefully create new jobs.

Q5. Could you tell us a little about the business mentorship you received at Môn CF?

The business team at Môn CF has helped me with my business policies. I now have all relevant policies in place, including diversity and equality policies that will make hiring staff easier in the future.

I also attended one of Môn CF’s business support workshops. I’d encourage every small-business owner to attend at least one, the information they can share is so valuable.

Q6. One more, if you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking about starting their own business, what would it be?

Good question. I think there are 3 things really.

One, do lots and lots of research.

Find out if there’s a need and a demand for what you want to do in the area you want to start the business. Understand the local economy and make sure you understand the market for what you do.

Two, have a backup plan. At least initially.

Setting up your own business can be hard, and there might be some time before you start making money. Have a backup plan ready, preferably in the form of a job so you can keep an income coming in and have the money you need to invest in your venture.

Three, go for it!

If it looks like it’ll work, then you should go for it. If you see an opportunity and don’t jump on it someone else will.

Mike from Mon Ice handing customer ice cream

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