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Pam y gwnaethoch chi ddod at Môn CF? Why did you come to Môn CF?
Mi wnes i ddod at Môn CF ar ôl graddio yn y Brifysgol pan roeddwn i’n 21 oed. Gorffennais radd mewn Bioleg, ond wnes i ddim mwynhau'r cwrs, felly dechreuais edrych am opsiynau eraill.

I came to Môn Cf after graduating university at the age of 21. I’d finished a degree in Biology, but I hadn’t enjoyed it, therefore I started to explore different options.

A wnaethoch chi unrhyw hyfforddiant? Did you do any training? 

Tra roeddwn i hefo Môn CF, mi wnes i fynychu 6 cwrs a chael tystysgrif ym mhob un ohonynt: Sgiliau Gwasanaeth Cwsmeriaid, Gweithio mewn Tîm, Cymorth Cyntaf, Egwyddorion Codi a Chario, Gofal Bwyd mewn Arlwyo ac adeiladu hyder. Fel bonws, ddaru Môn CF annog imi ddechrau dreifio i helpu hefo’n hyder i, ac mae’r gwersi yn mynd yn wych! Mi wnes i basio’n theori wrth fynychu sesiynau yn swyddfa Môn CF.

While I was with Môn CF, I attended 6 courses, all of which I completed and gained a certificate for: Customer Service Skills, Team Working, Emergency First Aid, Principles of Manual Handling, Food Safety in Catering and Confidence Building. As a bonus, Môn CF encouraged me to start driving and with the support it has built my confidence, and I believe the lessons are going well! I also passed my theory by attending supervised sessions at the Môn CF offices.

A wnaethoch unrhyw wirfoddoli neu brofiad gwaith? Did you do any volunteering or work experience? 

Roeddwn i'n gwirfoddoli yn barod cyn dod at Môn CF, mewn diwydiant ffilm. Mwynheais bob eiliad o weithio mewn ffilm, dwi'n mwynhau gymaint dwi wedi dechrau cael fy nhalu am weithio yno! Hefo’r gwaith rhan-amser ddaru Môn CF ffeindio i mi, mi rydw i’n gallu gweithio o gwmpas y gwirfoddoli.

I was already volunteering in the film industry before coming to Môn CF. I’ve loved every second of working in film and presently, I’m even starting paid work for the film project! With the part-time work Môn CF helped me find, it allowed me to work around my volunteering.

Beth ydych chi'n ei wneud nawr? What are you doing now? 

Mi wnaeth Môn CF helpu i mi ddod o hyd i waith mewn Caffi, ac er bod y Caffi'n agos, nid oes rhaid i mi boeni am drafeilio! Wrth weithio rhan-amser yn y Caffi, mae’n caniatau i mi weithio o gwmpas y gwirfoddoli. Roeddwn i’n awyddus iawn dod o hyd i waith a sgwrsio hefo cyflogwyr, gan fy mod i heb gael swydd oedd yn talu o’r blaen – ond mae’r profiad yma wedi helpu i mi ennill hyder. Dwi’n ffrindiau hefo grŵp grêt yn y Caffi, sy’n helpu i mi gymdeithasu mwy!

Môn CF helped me find work in a Café and due to the Café being local, I didn’t have to worry about transport! Working part-time at the café has allowed me to work around my volunteering. I was very anxious about approaching potential employers as I suffer from social anxiety disorder and had not had a paid job before - having this experience helped me gain my confidence. I’ve found a great group of people to work alongside at the Café, and that always helps with improving your social life!

Beth yw'r peth gorau am Môn CF yn eich barn chi? What do you think is the best thing about Môn CF? 

Dwi’n ddiolchgar iawn am Môn CF, heb yr help a’r gefnogaeth gefais ganddynt, mi fyswn i mewn lle llawer anoddach yn fy mywyd nawr. I gloi, mae Môn CF yn hyfryd ac yn cyfrannu llawer i’r gymuned ar draws Ynys Môn. Diolch am wneud newid positif i fywydau llawer o unigolion!

I’m extremely thankful and grateful to Mon CF, as without them I wouldn’t have this job opportunity and I’m certain I’d be in a much more difficult place in my life. All in all, Mon CF are wonderful and contribute to the community across Anglesey. Thanks for making a positive difference to what I’m sure is a lot of people’s lives!

Why did you come to Môn CF?

I’d just finished college and was looking for some support to find work. My dad had heard about Môn CF from a friend, so he suggested that I check it out. Everyone was really nice and welcoming from the start.

Did you do any training?

I didn’t know what I wanted to do so the first thing my Mentor did was put me on short courses like Confidence Building, Interview Skills and Team Working to try and help me work out what I was good at and what kind of job I could do. I realised that I wanted to do something hands-on so we made a CV that was geared for the construction industry. Môn CF put me on a Manual Handling course, and my Work Coach at the Job Centre got me funding to pay for the full CSCS package, including course, test and card. I did everything close to home in Môn CF’s testing centre which calmed my nerves, and I ended up getting full marks on the test.

Did you do any volunteering or work experience?

Yes. My Mentor told me about a company called Creating Enterprise who could offer me a work experience placement on a site in Holyhead where they were building eco homes. I went to an information session about it, then I was supported by both Môn CF and Creating Enterprise to do the placement as a labourer.

What are you doing now?

My work experience placement gave me a good understanding of the construction industry, so when a vacancy came up in Creating Enterprise for a Trainee Modular Build Assistant I applied, got an interview, and got the job – I can’t wait to start later this month. Because I’ll be working, Môn CF will be able to help me out with driving lessons.

What do you think is the best thing about Môn CF?

When I was younger I was a wild card to put it politely! One day I realised that I was wasting my life by messing round, and it was time to grow up. Môn CF helped me make a change and turn things around.

Why did you come to Môn CF?

I was told by a friend that Môn CF could help me with building my CV, finding a new job and learning to drive. At that point I had been working in a large retail store for a year and a half, but had decided that it was time to move on.

Did you do any training?

Yes. When I went to Môn CF I was assigned a Mentor who went through the training courses that were available to help me build a stronger CV. I attended courses such as First Aid, Health & Safety, Customer Service and Fire Safety.

What are you doing now?

In July last year my Mentor helped me to apply for a temporary job in Tesco, Bangor. After the interview I was offered the role of Dot Com Picker for twelve hours per week. My Mentor stayed in touch with me through all of this, and in October she came with me to speak to my manager about how I was getting on and what support I could continue to get from Môn CF. Since then, I’ve had a promotion – I am now a Department Supervisor with a permanent contract working a minimum of thirty hours a week with overtime available. My role involves collecting trollies in the car park for customers and working overtime on checkouts and on the customer service desk.

Having passed my driving theory test through Môn CF last year, they are now making a contribution towards my practical lessons, and I’m hoping to do an intensive driving course in March.

What do you think is the best thing about Môn CF?

I think the best thing about Môn CF is the training courses they have on offer to help people like myself find work. The staff always have smiles on their faces, and are ready to help you no matter what the situation is. Whether it’s helping people with disabilities or learning difficulties, or encouraging people to go for the opportunities they want, Môn CF staff do it in a friendly and helpful manner.

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